The Why & The Allure 100 Friends + 100 Miles

The Why & The Allure

Thank you for joining me on the 2022 –  100 Friends for 100 Miles campaign.  The goal for 100 Friends for 100 Miles is to encourage runners to utilize the allure, gravity, and intrigue of running 100 miles and bring awareness and betterment to their local communities.  

It is often asked why run 100 miles?  It’s a question that often generates a personal answer. 

For me, the journey began in 2006, when I was introduced to ultra-running thru a dear friend and mentor.  He described the ultra running distances and adventures of which he had completed.  None being more interesting than the famed Leadville 100, known as The Race Across the Sky.  The mere thought of attempting a task of this magnitude seemed too daunting.  After digesting what he had done,  I blurted out I would not and could not ever do that.  But when those words, came out, deep down I felt a “what if” feeling and at that moment a seed began to grow.

By 2018, a hefty twelve years had passed since learning of the 100 mile distance.  I had done several iron distance triathlons and road marathons.  It was time to toe the line at Leadville.  It was a magnificent day.  I earned a coveted belt buckle and completed the course under the cutoff and final shotgun blast of 30 hours.  I was paced, crewed, and supported by friends and family who braved the night in freezing rain and cold to run, crew, and provide soul lifting support to get me to the finish.  28 Hours and 46 minutes later, I was able to go “buckle shopping” and had completed the 100 distance.

After Leadville, I earned buckles at Rocky Raccoon 100 and a few months later took on Bighorn outside Sheridan, Wyoming.   This was the first foray for a 100 Friends campaign and Bighorn gave me over 30 hours on my feet.  In early 2020 prior to the pandemic,  I DNF’d  The Cold Water Rumble in pursuit of a sub-24 hour finish.  Coming up short was a valuable lesson and reminder of how hard and elusive 100 mile finishes can be.   

There are only two things that are bound to happen during a 100 mile effort.   First, it is not if but when your race plan falls apart and things don’t go as planned.  It ain’t going to happen like you want, no matter how thorough the preparation is.  The second, is that you are certain to encounter physical pain, self doubt, sleep deprived fatigue, and a desire to just quit and have it stop.  These things become external and internal for the runner.  But with the darkness, so follows the light.   You embrace the meaning of a day and it’s full cycle. – every second of it.  Time seems to evaporates around you and all that exists is the task at hand. – the now    These are lessons of life itself.  They become condensed into a 30 hour period (more or less) and you are given the opportunity to live and thrive.   These moments are when you learn that “this too shall pass” and improves one’s ability to have awareness.  For these reasons, I run ultra.

The Ask Run It Back 2022

The 2022 Ask

We are days away from the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run and final event of the Leadman  Race Series slated for August 20, 2022.  If and when the time comes to toe the starting line, it will signify a mountain marathon, 50 mile trail run (Silver Rush), a 100 mile mountain bike, and a Sunday 10k have been completed in the books within a two month timespan.  This challenge is known as the Leadman Challenge and it takes place each year in Leadville, Colorado.

This is the third year of 100 Friends For 100 Miles campaign to raise money for a cause inspired by a 100 mile alpine trail run.  As the slogging of miles in an ultramarathon adds up, so have the results of our fundraising efforts.  

Past Performances –

2019 – Bighorn Trail 100 raised over $10,000 with donations provided to the widow of a fallen New Mexican firefighter and an adolescent cancer survivor of leukemia.

2021 – Silverton Ultra Campaign raised $22,410 paid directly to the CNM Foundation.  Resulted in 12 students receiving scholarships with no strings attached.  Please take the time to read up on these student stories in the 2022 Campaign to understand how this effort can pay it forward and plant seeds of hope and optimism not for a future generation, but the NOW.  

2022 – Leadville 100 / Leadman Challenge is slated to build on the 2021 campaign and raise over $30,000 to directly benefit CNM Foundation.

This 100 Friends campaign is intended to bring a renewed opportunity and support to fellow New Mexicans. Particularly those who have met financial hardship in the past that have been unable to pay tuition. These hardships have limited their ability to pursue higher educations and life skills. The 2022 Run It Back” campaign will wipe the slate and get students back in school while making past due accounts current. Once these accounts are current, students can get back in class and use this as a catalyst to further their professional and personal lives.

I hope you will join me in raising money for the CNM Foundation that will benefit numerous lives and have a trickle down effect to all parts of our state and society.  Donations from this site link up directly to the CNM Foundation donor page. 100% of your donation goes to the CNM Foundation with no money going elsewhere. 

Here’s to the Race Across The Sky in 2022.

The 2022 Campaign The difference we make

The Campaign

The Leadville 100 Ultra Marathon – Leadman Challenge – 2022. A high altitude and high challenge adventure

The 2022 100 Friends campaign is intended to bring a renewed opportunity and support to fellow New Mexicans.  Particularly students who have met financial hardship in the past and have been unable to pay tuition.  These hardships limit their ability to pursue their higher educations and life skills.  The 2022 “Run It Back” campaign is meant to wipe the slate and get students back in school while making past due accounts receivable current.  Once delinquencies are current, students can back in class and may use this as a catalyst to further their professional and personal lives. – read below for personal student stories detailing how the 100 Friends for 100 Miles scholarship helped change the lives of students at CNM, and to get an idea of where our funds will go and what they will do as a result of our campaign:

Student Stories

Amalia Diaz Regan

Amalia Diaz Regan is a Surgical Technologies student at CNM and a recent recipient of the 100 Friends for 100 Miles Scholarship. She is a returning student and a parent of four children. Going back to school for her was not easy, yet the scholarship provided by 100 Friends for 100 Miles made a major impact on her life. “As a parent of four kids, my schedule can be hectic,” says Amalia. “This scholarship provides a great deal of help for myself and my kids and puts me one step closer to providing a better future for them. It also helps me reach the career I always wanted.” 

“Since my return to school, every day has felt like a step towards a brighter tomorrow and for that my family and I are truly grateful.”

Dwight Sanchez

Dwight Sanchez works full time while he attends the CNM welding program and cares for his two children. “The infrastructure in the world will continue to grow and the generation before me will retire soon and there will be a high demand for skilled welders. I am driven to take the torch and lead the next generation of welders to continue the skilled trade.” As a recipient of the 100 Friends for 100 Miles scholarship, Dwight plans to finish his associate’s degree in welding and then to continue to an education in engineering. Completing this degree will allow him to become financially independent, pursue further education, and possibly work on a project on the CNM campus, “I have high hopes to help all those in my family and give back to the people in my community. Also, completing the Welding program in a timely manner may help me to build and add on to the existing building at CNM. That would be great to be a part of and give me the feeling of being a part of something big.”

Millicent Lindsay

Millicent Lindsay received a 100 Friends for 100 Miles scholarship as a Nursing student at CNM. Millicent is a single mom of two kids–one in high school and one in college. Working at an assisted living facility while she pursues a degree in Nursing, she wants to take the next steps in her healthcare career. “I want to take my education to the next level to help people,” says Millicent, adding that “My goal of becoming a nurse is so that I can help others and be a role model for my children.”

“The financial assistance you provided will lighten my financial burden and will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses. Thank you again for your generosity as I continue to learn and advance in my field… I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”